Craps Guides

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Craps Information:

Submit your wagers at piles of cash which you are convenient with and correspond to capital if it so happens that you don’t particularly hope to lose your bankroll severely at Craps.
The probability of losing is 1-(2847/5940 + 1/36) = 1-(3012/5940) = 2928/5940
Any Seven Bet: You can make this bet any time you feel lucky and think the dice are going to come up seven. But be careful because you only get one roll on this craps bet and if seven doesn’t come up you loose that bet.
You are furthermore susceptible to being defeated at Craps when you happen to be heartbroken.
The expected return is 2847/5940*(+1) + 2928/5940*(-1) = -81/5940 = -3/220 =~ 1.364%…

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